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Home: On is a podcast focused on the connected home and home automation topics for the enthusiast and DIY communities. We run through industry news, take a closer look at interesting products, share project ideas, and present topics for information and education. Host Richard Gunther is joined by co-hosts and guests from the space, including industry experts, consumers, and company representatives. Past guests have included Molly Wood, Host and Senior Tech Correspondent for Marketplace; Jamie Siminoff, CEO and founder of Ring; and Mike Wolf, founder of NextMarket Insights and creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit.

Home: On is also part of Technology.FM, a curated collection of technology podcasts, including great shows like The Smart Home Show, the HomeTech.FM podcast, and The Food Tech Show.

Latest Episodes

Kent Fellure stands in front of his new house.

Home: On #152 – Starting Fresh with Kent Fellure

You’re moving into a new home, and you want to do things right from the start. Where do you begin? This is the situation Richard’s friend Kent Fellure finds himself in, and we’re delighted to talk with him about some options for security, lighting, HVAC, and more. And of course, Kent joins in some banter about this month’s smart home news from Wemo, Twinkly, and LIFX.

Home: On #151 - Some Help with Robert Spivack from DoItForMe Solutions

Home: On #151 – Some Help with Robert Spivack from DoItForMe Solutions

What do you do when you hit a wall on your smart home projects? You can’t do something, don’t know something, or just don’t have the time. Robert Spivak of DoItForMe Solutions is here to help! That plus, of course, we discuss the latest news and updates from Philips Hue, Insteon, and Wink. Yep, Wink. They’re down. Again. Is it for good? They say No.