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Home: On #155 – Restarting Insteon with Richard Sudek from Insteon Technologies

Amazon makes an infuriating money grab for Ring app features you’ve been using for years, Sonos is expected to use a product launch as an opportunity to raise prices again, and Leviton will be rolling matter support out to 2nd generation Decora Smart products with a firmware update. Finally, several quarters in now, what’s Insteon Technologies up to? Co-founder Richard Sudek joins us to share the…

Richard Sudek of Insteon Technologies
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Home: On #154 – Fireside 2022

Richard once again joins other hosts from the Technology.FM podcasts to share in their annual tradition of the fireside chat. What caught their attention this year, what do they think will be big next year, and how did they fare with last year’s predictions? As always, this special DMZ mix offers fewer ums, fewer digital assistant triggers, and–perhaps most importantly–blocks Mike’s valiant…

A fireplace is burning
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Home: On #153 – Sending Signals with Matt Corey

Chamberlain kills its overpriced, unreliable HomeKit Home Bridge, Tado has a money-saving program that might use more energy, Lutron adds to its Caséta lineup, and everyone’s getting into Matter. HomeKit developer Matt Corey talks about some of the ways he’s using HomeKit, Shortcuts, and the Mac to help HomeKit users do more with smart lighting.

Home: On #153 - Sending Signals with Matt Corey