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Site Policies and Terms of Use

The Digital Media Zone (The DMZ) was founded in April of 2009 to provide news and information dealing with all aspects of digital media. From acquisition, to output, The DMZ strives to provide the best coverage possible to help you make decisions about where to spend your hard earned media dollars.

Site Policies

The DMZ does not allow pay-for-posts or accept payment for product reviews. Reviewed hardware provided by vendors is disclosed as such and returned to vendors, given away through site contests, or purchased after publication. Reviewed software provided by vendors is disclosed as such and uninstalled or purchased after publication. In those cases where products that are already owned are reviewed, that fact is specifically disclosed in that review.

Hardware and software vendors

We want to hear about your new products and services so we can share them with DMZ readers. If you’re willing to provide a demo product or early access for review, we’re always happy to share as much information as possible with our readers. We feel that we can help provide the coverage you desire in a professional manner. Please contact us should you have a product that you would like reviewed on the site.


Writers for The DMZ are available to provide opinions and analysis on topics covered by the site. Please feel free to contact us should you want to solicit opinions for print, radio or television.


If you are interested in advertising with The DMZ, we offer several options which we believe will offer you the best match to reach your target audience.

While we do not allow pay-for-post advertising. Banner advertising, podcast sponsorship, discount offers, and site giveaways are open for discussion. Please contact us with any advertising questions and to discuss options.

Affiliate Programs

The DMZ is a member of several affiliate programs. For example, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. You may from time to time click links to product pages that we will be compensated for should you decide to purchase the product. This affiliation does not change the price you pay for the item. Please consider this The DMZ’s disclosure regarding affiliate links.

Terms of Service

  • If you want link from your site to The DMZ, you are welcome to use short quotes from DMZ articles on your website or blog as long as proper credit is given. Please quote only up to one paragraph.  You must credit The DMZ and the author when you quote. Always link (full URL) to the article where the quote is from (not The DMZ homepage).
  • For print media: The full web address of the referred to post must be printed.
  • Should you wish to reprint articles from The DMZ, permission is required from the site and the author of the article.  Please contact us for article reprints.  Any reprinted articles must be credited to The DMZ and the author of the article.
  • Copyright Violation and Misuse:  We take plagiarism very seriously. If we discover a website, blog or any internet site republishing The DMZ RSS feeds or website content illegally, a formal complaint will be filed with the offending site’s advertising partners and the DMCA department of their web hosting company.
  • All content including articles, opinions, podcasts, video, etc. is property of The DMZ and the respective author. Only article authors have permission to reprint their material without permission of the site.