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HDHomeRun PremiumTV and DVR Combine for Ultimate Cord-Cutter Solution

HDHomeRun PremiumTV and DVR Combine for Ultimate Cord-Cutter Solution

Our readers (pst…that’s you!) are the best, so they already know what the rest of the world is realizing today. We’ve been talking since August about how nice of a combined, all-in-one, solution HDHomeRun DVR is when it’s paired with HDHomeRun PremiumTV. You might be new here though, so let’s recap what the services are. HDHomeRun DVR is a software service that allows you to use an HDHomeRun tuner to watch and record live television through an antenna or CableCARD. HDHomeRun PremiumTV is a newer offering from the Pleasanton Californa based company that provides premium TV channels (like ESPN, HGTV, and over 40 others) streamed over the internet.

Today is the official launch of HDHomeRun PremiumTV. The service offers many of the most-requested cable TV channels available, and it does so at a very competitive price. There are no complicated packages or bundles to figure out, and you don’t need to sign a long-term contract. You get access to the shows through the HDHomeRun app for only $34.99/month. Another thing that sets HDHomeRun PremiumTV apart from other offerings is that you’re in control when it comes to recording shows. They aren’t stored on some cloud server, and you don’t have to worry about them being removed after a few weeks. Instead, if you’re an HDHomeRun DVR user you can store as many shows as you want, and keep them for as long as you want. With their DVR service, you store the recordings on your own hard drives. It can run on a PC, a NAS server, or even the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. The DVR service costs $35/year.

If this sounds like a great way to combine all the TV you watch, you can try it all for free. New customers can get two free weeks of the HDHomeRun PremiumTV service and two free months of the DVR service.

All of this, the live OTA and premium streaming TV, is accessible through one app, and that’s one of the biggest differentiators to all the other players in this space. One app is all you need to watch the latest drama on ABC using your antenna and to catch the latest episode of Fixer Upper on HGTV. With the two products combined you never have to answer a question about which app needs to be used to watch TV. The HDHomeRun app is available on practically every platform you’d want to use too. It’s on Android TV, Xbox, Windows 10, Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

To coincide with the official release of HDHomeRun PremiumTV, the team at SiliconDust is also updating their apps. The discovery section of the app, where you can see every show that is on now or will be later, has been redesigned. It now scrolls from left to right, similar to a traditional grid guide, to display the shows that are coming up. They have also added more fine-grained controls for the DVR to help you prioritize which shows get recorded if there are more scheduled than you have tuners. You’ll also be able to pad the beginning and end of shows by up to 30 minutes in case that game you’re recording goes into overtime. You can also choose whether the app should launch directly into live TV or take you into the recorded TV library.

Of course, we’re only about a week away from Black Friday, so SiliconDust also announced that they are discounting their tuners. Starting November 22 and running through November 26th you can snag the following deals on HDHomeRun OTA tuners.

Both HDHomeRun DVR and HDHomeRun PremiumTV are available now. The PremiumTV service is currently only available in the United States. It will be coming soon to Canada.

Source: HDHomeRun