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Energy Saving Rebate Programs Could Save You Lots of Money

Carrier côr thermostat is eligible for rebate programs

Many “smart” technology products are designed to save energy, and thus save you money. But those products can sometimes be expensive, so that initial cost can be a barrier for some. EnergyStar-rated appliances and electronics, for example, can cost more than bargain brands.

But did you know that government and energy provider-sponsored programs could save you lots of money? These programs can help subsidize your energy efficiency investments!

At the federal level, tax credits can save you hundreds of dollars for installing some EnergyStar products in your home. These rebates and credits cover HVAC systems, home appliances, and sometimes even building materials used for renovations. The U.S. government’s EnergyStar web site can help you to determine what you may be eligible for.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some local jurisdictions are also offering consumers perks for switching to energy-efficient products. In Montgomery County, Maryland, for example, you can get free LED lightbulbs this summer by exchanging your old incandescents and CFL bulbs. This “Lighten Your Load” program, sponsored by the county’s Department of Environmental Protection, has the added benefit of properly handling the disposal of those swirl-top CFLs.

Then there are the energy providers themselves. Many providers offer significant rebates on lighting, thermostats, and fixtures. Baltimore Gas & Electric, for example, will give you $100 back if you purchase one of over a dozen different smart thermostats.

If you’ve been thinking about getting some smart products for your home, but the cost is holding you back, look into similar programs in your area. They could save you a bundle!