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Easily Find the Black Friday Video Game Deals You’re Looking For

Black Friday Video Game Deals Spreadsheet

Black Friday is coming! It’s less than two weeks away actually. If you’re a gamer there are tons of deals to be had. Perhaps you’re looking to pick up the AAA games you missed earlier in the year. Maybe you’d like to pick up one of the game consoles you don’t own yet. The problem is that with so many stores it’s hard to find the Black Friday video game deals that you’re actually interested in.

Fortunately, there is one site who is always on top of video game sales. It’s a site called Cheap Ass Gamer (CAG). The members in their forums spend a huge amount of time combing through the ad leaks so that you don’t have to. Don’t worry, I’m not recommending that you spend a bunch of time reading long forum posts either. Instead, some of their users put together a massive spreadsheet in Google Sheets to organize everything.

In the Black Friday 2019 CAG sheet there are three tabs. The first is for games, the second is for consoles and accessories, and the final tab is for movie deals. On the games tab, the first column is an alphabetized list of game titles. The other columns are labeled for the various stores (Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Gamestop, etc) and in those columns you’ll find the prices. The best price on each title is even highlighted in green.

The sheet is updated as new Black Friday video game deals are announced, so keep an eye on it as you plan your shopping!

Source: Black Friday 2019 CAG sheet via Cheap Ass Gamer