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LG’s New UHD TVs Play Neutral in the HDR Format War


LG was the first tech company to hold their big CES press conference, and it was one of our most anticipated events. While LG started by talking about cars and the Internet of Things, we were most excited to hear what they would have to announce for their 2016 televisions.

LG spent the majority of the event talking about their OLED televisions, and we really liked what we heard. LG seems to be the only manufacturer putting serious effort into OLED despite it being the most obvious replacement for plasma technology.

The new all-glass design of the Signature series is gorgeous, and the panel is an amazing 2.57mm thin. They achieve this by putting most of the circuitry in the base. They have also made the speakers a separate unit that is essentially a sound bar so that they can still include decent speakers in a ridiculously thin TV.

Perhaps the best news about the new OLED, and their Super UHD LED sets, is that they support both HDR 10, and Dolby Vision. Those are the competing formats vying for HDR specification supremacy. Incorporating both formats into their televisions ensures that no matter which format wins out, you can rest assured that you will be able to watch all that glorious HDR content. Despite LG’s announcement at CEDIA of lower-priced OLED sets, today’s announcement didn’t include any mention of prices for this year’s models.

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