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Ring Introduces Outdoor Security Cam

Ring Stick Up CamRing, the maker of the popular Ring Video Doorbell, has introduced a new (and perhaps surprisingly obvious) addition to its product lineup called the Ring Stick Up Cam.

You’ll immediately recognize the product as part of the Ring family—to say it carries the Ring doorbell’s industrial design DNA would be an understatement. It actually looks like a fully repurposed version of their existing doorbell product—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Our (pending) review posits that Ring has, in addition to creating an incredibly useful and competitive product in its video doorbell also cracked the design challenges of a product that you want to install next to your front door.

The Stick-Up Cam fits perfectly into Ring’s mission of creating a “ring of security” around your home and community. Like the Ring video doorbell, it’s an easy self-installation, and the package includes everything you need to complete the process. Ring offers their cloud-based video recording service for this device, too, and the pricing is identical to the service for their video doorbell—$30 annually per device.

The Ring Stick-Up Cam will be available in February, and you can pre-order now at It will retail for $199, which is the same price as their video doorbell.


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