Ceton Announces Pricing and Availability of InfiniTV 4 USB

Aug 18, 2011 by

Today Ceton announced pricing and availability of their forthcoming InfiniTV 4 USB. The new device is essentially the same quad-tuner CableCARD device we’ve all known and loved over the last year except that it connects to your PC via USB rather than being an internal PCIe card. The USB version will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, August 19 for $299. You can place your pre-order through Fluid Digital or Cannon PC. Pre-orders will then ship out on September 19th.  If you’re not the pre-ordering type you’ll be able to pick one up at Amazon, Newegg, and all the other usual retailers later in September.

Now, even if you’re rocking a small-form-factor PC, you can enjoy the same quad-CableCARD goodness that those of us with larger home theater PCs have been enjoying over the last twelve months!

Source: Ceton