ArcSoft Drops TotalMedia Theatre

Sep 20, 2014 by

ArcSoft has completely dropped TotalMedia Theatre, one of the most popular HTPC Blu-ray options.

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Entertainment 2.0 #291 : Designing Your Home AV Experience

Aug 21, 2014 by

Rob from the AV Rant Podcast joins us to discuss the latest news, plus tips and tricks for setting up your home theater.

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Entertainment 2.0 #263 : Fundamental Psychological Problems

Feb 6, 2014 by

This week Josh and Richard discuss some noteworthy Windows Phone apps and deals, the forthcoming update to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One, and Microsoft's final decision on a CEO.

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Keeping Windows Media Center Alive Without Microsoft

Jan 16, 2014 by

Microsoft may have all but given up on Windows Media Center, but this community hasn't! Mark Terborg offers his opinions on how the community can keep this beloved product alive.

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Windows Media Center Command Line Options

Aug 31, 2013 by

Everyone who has a Windows Media Center home theater PC sitting under the TV probably knows that it can be launched on boot. What you may not know is that there's a bunch of slightly hidden launch modes—all accessible via command line options. The utility of these options is a bit nebulous, but there is some neat stuff in here.

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Zotac Shows New ZBOX ID83

Feb 14, 2013 by

Zotac is planning to release an update to the ZBOX line of small-form-factor PCs. In a segment that has been dominated by low-end processors, the ZBOX ID83 packs some serious muscle for home theater PC enthusiasts.

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Arctic Releases an XBMC Set Top Box, Bring Your Checkbook

Feb 7, 2013 by

Arctic releases a stand alone set top box powered by XBMC, but it may price itself right out of the market.

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Entertainment 2.0 : DMZ Holiday Spectacular 2012

Dec 26, 2012 by

It’s the end of the year and that can only mean one thing around the DMZ: The Digital Media Zone’s Holiday Spectacular. There were more people joining this show than we’ve ever had on one podcast! As crazy as that sounds we were able to keep it from getting too far out of control....

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Recorded TV HD Half Price on Black Friday

Nov 21, 2012 by

If you haven't already switched to Recorded TV HD for managing TV content on your Windows Media Center HTPC, now's the time! It's available for just $10 on Black Friday.

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Intel NUC: The Next Generation HTPC We’ve Been Waiting For?

Sep 13, 2012 by

Could Intel's newest offering be the perfect home theater PC platform? It's only four inches square and sports a Core I3 processor with HD4000 graphics and an HDMI out port. It sounds intriguing, and we should get to try them out soon!

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Entertainment 2.0 #191 : Josh 7.1

Aug 24, 2012 by

It's apparently travel week at the Digital Media Zone, and everyone received the memo except for Josh. Richard is out this week, but fortunately Chris Barnes was able to fill in before he left for a trip of his own. The show this week is largely dominated by Windows 8 news.

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Discussion: DVD Ripping

Jun 15, 2012 by

Ripping DVDs is one of the most common tasks when using a home theater PC. There have been many methods for ripping movies from the discs, and possibly even more methods for converting them once they have been ripped. It’s been a while since we’ve discussed DVD ripping at the Digital...

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