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Home: On is a podcast focused on the connected home and home automation topics for the enthusiast and DIY communities. We run through industry news, take a closer look at interesting products, share project ideas, and present topics for information and education. Host Richard Gunther is joined by co-hosts and guests from the space, including industry experts, consumers, and company representatives. Past guests have included Molly Wood, Host and Senior Tech Correspondent for Marketplace; Jamie Siminoff, CEO and founder of Ring; and Mike Wolf, founder of NextMarket Insights and creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit.

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Latest Episodes

Home: On #105 - The HomeKit Draft, with Adam Justice

Home: On #105 – The HomeKit Draft, with Adam Justice

Adam Justice from ConnectSense joins the show again to discuss the latest smart home news, and he’s on location at Apple’s WWDC in San Jose. They discuss what’s going on there, including reviewing the WWDC draft picks they selected on Adam's show before the conference started. How did Richard do? (Not too well.)

Home: On #104 - Going Local, with Patrick Stuart

Home: On #104 – Going Local, with Patrick Stuart

There’s a new hub in town, and its name is Hubitat Elevation. Hubitat’s Patrick Stuart joins us to discuss why their local control solution is better for you, your home, and your data than just trusting it all to the cloud. And if you’re used to programming for SmartThings, you’re going to feel right at home.