About Us

The Digital Media Zone (The DMZ) was born out of a need—a need to share information about the digital media we used on a daily basis. As technology and the market has evolved, so has our site. Our initial focus on home theater PCs and home A/V has expanded into mobile media and devices, gaming, and even DIY smart home technology.

Between technology news, podcasts, and real-life reviews, we strive to share the best of our knowledge on the media and products that you’re interested in. And this is the team that’s bringing it to you:

Josh Pollard

Long time Windows Media Center user and Microsoft Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP, Josh has been around technology his whole life. He’s spent his entire career in the software development industry. In addition to his passion for Media Center he is also a mobile gadget nerd. You will never see him more than a few feet away from his latest smartphone, or without a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones on his ears. Josh is also the host of the Entertainment 2.0 podcast where he, along with co-host Richard Gunther, spend an hour every week talking about the latest Windows Media Center news.

You can find Josh on Twitter @JoshPollard.

Richard Gunther

Richard is a technology consultant with a life-long interest in consumer electronics. With a passion for most consumer technologies, Richard pushes the limits of early adoption with audio distribution, multi-platform video recording, and home automation components throughout his home. He’s been a long-time Microsoft and Media Center advocate, and was a Microsoft Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP for some time. He’s also a Mac and iOS user—leading to some interesting content sharing challenges.

Richard hosts The Digital Media Zone’s home automation podcast, Home: On, and he co-hosts Entertainment 2.0 with Josh Pollard.

You can find Richard’s multiple Twitter personalities aggregated @richardgunther.

Doug Krug

Doug has been an electronics and gadgets enthusiast his entire life. As the son of an engineer who helped build Voyager 1, the first Mars Lander ,and an Altair 8800 from scratch—before the home PC even existed—it’s fair to say his future path was inevitable

Today, Doug is an IT consultant and a passionate early-adopter of connected home technology. He writes about smart home technology, device security and privacy for The Digital Media Zone, Solo Traveller, Smart Home Primer and his own blog. He has also written publications to help consumers leverage virtual private networks as round-the-clock privacy shields.

You can find Doug on Twitter @dougkrug.



Phil Lozen

Phil’s been tech obsessed most of his life. Despite choosing the wrong side in the HD disc format war, he’s now happily moved to the Blu-ray camp and readily admits he’s an HD addict. Phil’s also a Windows Media Center user and Xbox 360 gamer.

He’s been writing his own blog off and on for a couple years and spent a year as a freelance writer for Electronic House magazine’s Web site. His spare time is spent with his wife and two kids in Michigan and dreaming of his ultimate home theater.

Phil co-hosted Seen in HD with Matt Paprocki, which looked at all things HD.

Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes is  an audio engineer and developer, and he produces and hosts the Digital Media Zone’s thEndUsr podcast. He is a technology enthusiast as are all the hosts at thEndUsr. Particulary he is an end user and enthusiast of Windows, Windows Phone, and all things related. You can find more information about Chris and his interests at his blog.

You can find Chris on Twitter @chrishalebarnes.

James Montemagno

James is a software engineer living in Seattle. Shortly after launching RevoHTPC.com, a website about low powered HTPCs, he joined The DMZ team as a blogger and co-host of The Movie Podcast. Through the last few years his love for Windows Media Center continued to grow…so much that he decided to join the team at Ceton. While he no longer writes about Media Center products, he continues to contribute with movie, gaming, and media device articles.

James is an avid movie goer and watcher and previously hosted The Movie Podcast. He is also extremely proud of his vast Blu-ray collection.

You can find James on Twitter @JamesMontemagno.

Taylor Maher

Taylor is the co-host of thEndUsr podcast. Taylor is a Switcher of the 4th degree. Though he was a PC guy before even getting together with a young Chris to program in BASIC, he bought a Mac in 2007 and an iPhone in 2008, and he hasn’t looked back. The only thing he loves more than Apple is the environment, and he’s always looking for the latest, greenest gadgets and technologies. You can find more about Taylor by following his gdgt.

You can find Taylor on Twitter @TaylorPhone.

Jon Deutsch

Jon is a technology enthusiast, a brand/messaging/user experience professional, and would-be philosopher who likes to be where strategy, innovation, technology and communications collide.

A devotee of Windows Media Center and all things elegant and flexible, he likes pushing his technology to the point of no return, and then enjoys the process of troubleshooting the problems he just created.

Outside of tech, Jon enjoys politics, craft beer, cars, world travel, music, and watching great TV and movies in high definition and high fidelity.

You can find Jon on Twitter @jdeutsch.

Corey Lyons

The sound of dual floppy drives booting BASIC on his Apple IIe and its mesmerizing blinking green cursor was where Corey first discovered the joy of computing and playing Castle Wolfenstein before it was in 3D. He has been finding ways to work and play on technology ever since. Whether he is evaluating the next version of Android or playing with beta versions of iOS Corey enjoys sharing his opinions on technology with friends, family and peers at work. He recently started contributing to The Digital Media Zone on a variety of subjects.

You can find Corey on Twitter @CoreyLyons.


Adam Thursby

Five year Media Center user, Zune lover and all around computer/internet geek, Adam has been blogging about Media Center since the middle of 2008. After using the application for a few years, he decided to start sharing knowledge and news with other Media Center users as well as evangelize the product to others who hadn’t discovered the joy of having an HTPC. Adam is also a Microsoft Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP.

Adam currently lives in upstate New York with his wife, two crazy boys and two dogs. He also currently used Windows Media Center to control the content on four televisions as well as a Zune 80 to take his content with him while on the go.