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Panasonic Disappoints at CES 2016


While LG had the first big press conference from CES today, they were by no means the only major television manufacturer to hold an event. Later in the morning, Panasonic held their press conference. It’s usually one of our most anticipated events due to their history of producing fantastic televisions. Unfortunately, this year’s event was a train wreck, and they barely mentioned their new TVs. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find any mention at all of televisions on Panasonic’s CES site.

Panasonic briefly mentioned that they are working on a flagship OLED TV, the CZ950, but they provided almost no details about it. The lack of information is even more surprising giving that the Japanese company officially announced the TV back in September at IFA. Back then, they stated that it would support HDR 10, but at this point we don’t know if it will also support Dolby Vision (the other primary specification for delivering High Dynamic Range video.)

Panasonic also talked about the DX900 series UHD TVs. That is their traditional LCD line. These new Ultra HD TVs have received the Ultra HD Premium certification from the UHD Alliance. For what it’s worth, LG and Samsung also announced that their new sets received the same certification.

Panasonic announced no pricing or release dates during their event. We’ll try to get more details from them when we make it to their booth on the main show floor later this week.


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