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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 40: Netflix, Anti-Pack and Show Analyzer, Oh My!

Print For being the slow time of year, there sure is some great Media Center related news out there.  It’s only about one month until CEDIA kicks off and hopefully we’ll have even more to talk about then.  For now though, we get a chance to talk about some 3rd party applications as well as a new feature that’s coming to Windows 7 Media Center.

For me personally, the biggest news this week is that Show Analyzer has gone public beta.  That means that everyone can start skipping those commercials.  Just take Show Analyzer, pair it up with DVR-MS Toolbox and you’re ready to go.  And, Andy Van Til, the developer of DVR-MS Toolbox has been hard and work and given us Anti-Pack, the anti codec pack.  Save yourself some trouble and have a look.  Links in the show notes.

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Notes and Links:

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