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DMZ Media Center How-To: RadioTime

bestof Ahhh internet radio.  I love how you allow me to listen to music from all over the world in one place.  And I love RadioTime for bringing them all together within the Media Center interface for me.  The app is simple to install and even easier to use.

Below you’ll find a screencast detailing using the application.  Again, this isn’t rocket science.  Once its installed, you’ll find RadioTime under the “Extras” menu in Media Center.  If you want you can move it to the Extras slider so you don’t have to click down each time.

Once into the application, you have access to a ton of content categorized by Talk, Music, World and Local.  Under each of the main categories you’ll find a plethora of content all broken down so it’s easy to find.

While RadioTime is free, the company offers their Red Button application for a one time fee of $29.  Red Button allows you to record both internet and local radio programs basically turning your HTPC into a radio DVR…umm DRR?  Anyway, if you have certain talk radio programs or sports programming you’d like to listen to but can’t get at work, this might allow you to do just that.

The company also offers a ton of ways for you to access internet radio while on the go including an iPhone app, Windows Mobile applications and others.  There are also a lot of systems that are compatible for home use including Sonos and the Logitech Squeezebox.

Enjoy the screencast!






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