WHS Connector Software Password Problems and Fixes

whs-logo I recently had a storage issue on my Windows Home Server.  I run a WHS with only one 250GB drive in it as I haven’t had a chance to build a proper server yet.  As well, I’m waiting to see what will happen with codename: Vail before I invest in the hardware.  Anyway, the storage issue forced me to remove two of my PCs from the WHS.

Of course, once I had the issue resolved I wanted my PCs getting backed up so I needed to reinstall the Connector software on each one.  The problem is that the software wasn’t accepting my password!  Even after changing the password for the WHS to see if there was some sort of issue, I couldn’t get them to log on.  Time to search.  I headed over to trusty old Google and found this.  After using the provided answer, I was able to log on to and re-connect my PCs with no problem.

Take a look below at the solution.  I mention Windows 7 RC during the screencast but realized that the only thing that has changed since I last installed connector software is that I installed PP3 on my WHS.  Something to keep in mind if you recently added the beta to your server.


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