Entertainment 2.0 #179 : You Pirate!

Jun 1, 2012 by

Josh returns to the show this week to join Richard in covering a wealth of news in the Microsoft entertainment technology space. They started off by briefly looking at Ceton's beta companion apps before diving into the biggest news of the week. Microsoft has released an Amazon Video app for the Xbox 360! Josh then spent some time talking about Windows 8 development opportunities given that he just got back from a Windows 8 development workshop. Richard was also a little upset about Fox's lawsuit with Dish over their new commercial skipping feature.

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Entertainment 2.0 #178 : The Honeymoon’s Over

May 25, 2012 by

Chris Barnes joins Richard to discuss the latest Microsoft entertainment technology news including updates to MyMovies, free Xboxs, Windows 8 upgrades, new HTPCs, Windows Phone, and even a new Quick Tip!

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Entertainment 2.0 #175 : Ivy What?

Apr 27, 2012 by

Microsoft tweets the Windows 8 Release Preview timing, remains stealthy about guide data update problems, and completely misses the mark with its official Skype release for Windows Phone. Meanwhile, SkyDrive brings a surprising amount of free storage to the table, and we talk with Mike Faucher about Intel's new Ivy Bridge processor line.

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Entertainment 2.0 #173 : Richard’s Impending Doom

Apr 13, 2012 by

Nokia's new flagship Lumia 900 debuts in hundreds of closed AT&T stores on Easter Sunday, and it gets mixed reviews—but we still love it. More and more households are drawing video content from the Internet, and meanwhile, your cable bill is probably going through the roof!

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Entertainment 2.0 #172 : Jon’s Future’s So Bright

Apr 6, 2012 by

This week on Entertainment 2.0 we're joined by DMZ writer Jon Deutsch who is incredibly optimistic about the future of Media Center. We may also finally have an alternative to the now-defunct Media Center Studio, and Richard took part in, and lost, the Windows Phone Challenge, so he's getting a Windows Phone!

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A Bright Future for Windows Media Center? Thanks to Xbox?

Apr 3, 2012 by

Microsoft's Windows Media Center has always struggled in the marketing arena. Does a new rumor suggest that Microsoft may be rethinking the marketing strategy?

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Entertainment 2.0 #171 : Xbox Comes of Age

Mar 30, 2012 by

Microsoft's stealthy Windows Media Center Team posts some FAQs, HBO GO, Xfinity, and iPlayer apps appear on the Xbox 360 while Microsoft reports that its Xbox LIVE service is used more now for entertainment than for gaming, and Richard may be toting a new Windows Phone before next week's show.

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Will 2012 Finally be the Year of the Smart Family Room?

Feb 21, 2012 by

The big consumer electronics and tech companies have been trying to deliver video to your living room and family room for over a decade now. Is 2012 the year that one (or more) of them will get it right?

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Entertainment 2.0 #165 : Good Grief!

Feb 10, 2012 by

Episode 165 is all about Windows and the number 8! We've got details on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, along with tons of content news!

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Entertainment 2.0 #157 : It’s Metrotastic!

Dec 16, 2011 by

Josh and Richard discuss the new Xbox dashboard in depth, a rumored Windows 8 leak, and the Google TV update.

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Fall 2011 Update Brings New Services and Metro Style to Xbox

Dec 15, 2011 by

The long-awaited Xbox 360 update has arrived, and with it comes a slew of new features and a refreshed user experience that reinforces Microsoft's new Metro-style design DNA. Our highlights and gallery showcase many of this update's new offerings.

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Xbox LIVE Gold Discounted and Zune Music Pass Trial

Dec 14, 2011 by

Microsoft is offering 1 month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription for $1 and a 14-day free trial of Zune Music Pass via the Xbox Dashboard.

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