Netflix for Xbox 360 Now Supports 5.1 Audio and Subtitles

Dec 14, 2011 by

Now that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has received its much anticipated dashboard update we’ve been treated with many new and updated video apps for the game console. Of course Netflix is one of, if not, the most commonly used video app on the platform. It’s always been a great app, but since its original release many Netflix apps have added features that the Xbox version didn’t have. Netflix has released a new version of its video streaming app for the Xbox though, and with it comes two fantastic features that have been in great demand. The first is Dolby 5.1 surround sound! No longer will you be forced to watch movies in stereo sound. That’s not all though: this app now also supports subtitles!

While browsing through the collection of videos there will be a “5.1″ icon to the far right of the title to indicate if it supports surround sound. After you select a movie or TV show you’ll then be presented with a button labeled “Audio and subtitles”. Selecting that will display options for choosing between stereo and Dolby Digital for the audio, and if subtitles are available it will allow you to select which versions you would like displayed.