Entertainment 2.0 #195 : Stop this Madness

Sep 20, 2012 by

There was simply too much news this week for Josh and Richard to cover it alone, so they brought friends! Early in the show James Montemagno makes an appearance to enlighten us about the Wii U and Nintendo TVii, and then later in the show Craig Scholle (remember him?) shows up to tell us about the Intel NUC. In addition to that there was a new device from TiVo, a new entry into the UltraViolet game and a slew of smaller stories from the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem. As usual the audience for the live stream was great, and they were treated with an especially fun five-man after show! If you’re not listening live you’re missing a lot of fun, so make sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording of the next episode of the show next Tuesday, September 25th at 8pm ET!

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  • Jon Willoughby

    This isn’t specific to this episode, but you guys don’t have any forums. Do you think they didn’t release Media Center for Windows 8 yet because they are possibly still working on it? I really can’t think of any other reason that they wouldn’t at least release it to the TechNET/MSDN people.