Lionsgate Brings The ‘A’ Game to UltraViolet

Sep 15, 2012 by

Lionsgate recently released The Hunger Games on DVD and Blu-ray, with combo packs offering Digital Copy and UltraViolet. This marks Lionsgate’s first UltraViolet offering, and from what we can tell, they’re doing UltraViolet right.

The Hunger Games combo packs include an iTunes Digital Copy plus an UltraViolet copy. The packaging suggests that you can redeem either, but you actually get both.

Rather than standing up their own UltraViolet site, Lionsgate has wisely partnered with VUDU for UltraViolet redemption and streaming. While this a good consolidation move, it still adds yet another account that you have to create if you’re not already a VUDU customer…and another account to link to your UltraViolet account.

Where Lionsgate gets a gold star is that the video quality of the iTunes and UltraViolet copies you get with your combo pack purchase is based on whether you purchased the DVD or Blu-ray version. The downloads that come with the Blu-ray pack are in HD! The iTunes Digital Copy includes HD, SD, and extras (nearly 12GB of content), and the UltraViolet copy is in VUDU’s HDX 1080p format with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio. And since you can watch VUDU’s UltraViolet movies on any VUDU app, you can easily watch Hunger Games on your big screen with an Xbox, PlayStation 3, or VUDU-enabled TV or Blu-ray player.

Lionsgate may be late to offer UltraViolet [only Fox remains of the big studios who’ve signed on], but clearly they know how to play this game. It’s about making it easy to use and making customers feel like they’re getting something extra.