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Silicondust HDHomerun Prime Update

hd_prime Even though there is already a viable option to add a CableCARD to a Windows Media Center PC, there are a lot of folks still waiting on the SiliconDust HDHomerun Prime networked CableCARD tuner.  SiliconDust had a Prime on display at CES and Engadget was able to do a hands-on with the unit.  Sounds great, right?  But there’s a catch of course.  This unit has still not been certified by Cable Labs.  But SiliconDust did promise to deliver these units within 30 days of the pre-order date.  Let’s just hope that pre-order date isn’t 300 days away.

Now, SiliconDust have not just been twiddling their thumbs while waiting for certification to come through.  They have been hard at work redesigning the products that made them popular.  The HDHomerun Dual tuner has been redesigned and placed into a much smaller package.  They have eliminated the need for dual inputs from your antenna and instead do the switching inside of the box. This is a very nice update, and they have lowered the retail price to $129

SiliconDust also announced a rack mountable six tuner version of the HDHomerun. No word yet on how many antenna inputs you will need to push this unit or an availability date and price.  For people like me that put all their network in a rack, this is great news.  Hopefully they will make a CableCARD version of this unit and possibly a hybrid unit that includes CableCARD and coax inputs.  That would be a perfect addition to a Media Center filled home. Hit up the source link to see the pictures.

Source:  Engadget Hands on


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