Ceton Announces 4 Tuner USB and 6 Tuner PCI-E CableCARD Tuners

Jan 6, 2011 by

Today at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, Ceton announced two new products to compliment their existing four-tuner PCI-E card that we reviewed last year. First up is a four-tuner external USB device that should help to serve the segment of the Windows Media Center community who use small-form-factor devices, such as Acer Aspire Revos, or any other computer that doesn’t have an internal PCI-Express slot.

Also announced today by the Kirkland, Washington based company was an internal six-tuner PCI-E card. Although Windows Media Center does have a limit of four tuners per type built into it, there are easy ways around that. Also, with their forthcoming firmware that will allow users to share the tuners across multiple computers on their network, one could imagine pairing four of the tuners to one PC, and two to another, or any other combination.

Pricing and availability have not been announced yet. One can assume this is to prevent Ceton from being forced to announce product delays like they had to do with the original InfiniTV 4.

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