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OtterBox Announces Gaming Accessories

Almost nothing about CES 2021 is normal but we still didn’t expect to see OtterBox rolling out a line of gaming accessories at the largest consumer entertainment show of the year. This is a year that is primed to see increased growth of game streaming. With 5G being rolled out, next-generation consoles proving difficult to find, and hopefully people finally being able to easily travel, it’s the right time to see Otterbox jump into this market.

For their new lineup, OtterBox partnered with Xbox. The new accessories are targeted at anyone looking to use an Xbox controller for mobile gaming. The primary accessory is the Mobile Gaming Clip. It allows you to easily attach your smartphone to an Xbox controller. The clip allows you to adjust the position and angle of your phone to accommodate viewing preferences, comfort, and screen glare. It also uses a three-claw arrangement so that you can place your phone where you want it without having to worry about the clamp pressing down any buttons on the edge of your phone.

Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip
Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip

If you’ve got a large phone you don’t need to worry about fitment with the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip. OtterBox has tested it with every phone the company makes a case for. They told us that it will fit a phone that is up to 10% wider than the current widest phone they’ve tested, the iPhone 12 Max. The Mobile Gaming Clip will sell for $29.99.

OtterBox also knows that taking a controller and gaming clip with you can be tricky to do in a way that keeps all your gear safe and protected. That’s why they also announced the Gaming Carry Case. It’s designed specifically for Xbox wireless controllers and the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. The top of the case doubles as a game stand. If you have the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip you can leave it attached to your Xbox controller and it all fits inside the case. You can pick up the Gaming Carry Case for $44.95.

OtterBox Announces Gaming Accessories

OtterBox had even more to announce. They are releasing a line of controller shells for Xbox controllers. They give the controller a unique look and increase grip. The Easy Grip Controller Shell will be offered in black, white, and purple with a glow-in-the-dark stripe. They will sell for $29.95 each.

OtterBox Announces Gaming Accessories

OtterBox is also offering the Easy Grip Gaming Case for the latest iPhone models. It should ensure that you can keep a solid grip on your phone while playing in addition to offering great protection for your phone regardless of what you’re doing with it.

OtterBox feels the company’s proven history of durability and device protection justifies the price. What do you think? You’ll be able to vote with your wallet when the OtterBox gaming accessories become available for pre-order on January 25th. They’ll be available from otterbox.com and the Microsoft Store.


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