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Microsoft Brings OTA TV to the Xbox One in the US and Canada

hvr-955QToday Microsoft announced a new feature coming to the Xbox One that fans in the United States have been jealous of our friends in Europe and Australia for having for months! Back in August of last year Microsoft announced they were releasing their own digital over-the-air TV tuner for the Xbox One. It went on sale shortly thereafter. Today Microsoft has announced support for a specific over-the-air tuner that will work within the United States and Canada on the Xbox One.

Microsoft has partnered with Hauppauge, a company that long-time Windows Media Center fans are very familiar with, to enable the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q to work with the Xbox One. When pairing the two devices, along with an antennae, you’ll be able to watch live TV on your Xbox One. You will also have full OneGuide support. That means you’ll have a full electronic programming guide for all of the channels that can be accessed locally for you. You’ll also be able to use the Kinect to switch channels and pause live TV playback. While the Xbox One doesn’t have full DVR functionality, it does reserve 4 GB of storage so that it can buffer up to 30 minutes of live TV.

Using a TV tuner directly with the Xbox One also allows you to stream live TV across your network to SmartGlass apps. So you could grab your Surface and watch live television, even if someone else is playing a game on the Xbox One.

Currently the Hauppauge tuner functionality is only available to users in the Untied States and Canada who are In the Xbox Preview Program. Microsoft has not announced when they plan to release the feature publically. They also haven’t announced any plans to support any other tuners. While having the option to use an over-the-air tuner is great, we’re still hoping to see full DVR functionality and the ability to use external CableCARD tuners.

Source: Xbox Wire


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