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Windows 10 Will Natively Support FLAC

2097637858_65ac7d95eb_bJoe Belfiore announced via Twitter some news that will make audiophiles rejoice. Windows 10 will be bringing native playback support to FLAC files.

While most people listen to their digital audio via MP3 files, FLAC files are compressed in a way that doesn’t lose any audio fidelity. FLAC, the Free Lossless Audio Codec, in the past has always required third party applications to enjoy. Presumably they will play right inside of Windows Media Player.

One important thing to remember is that while installing a third party audio player on your desktop might not be a big deal, Windows 10 will also be the operating system available on the next generation of Windows Phones. Once Windows 10 is available you’ll be able to enjoy all of your FLAC files on the go with the built-in Xbox Music app.

You won’t find FLAC support in the January Preview of Windows 10, but it will be coming soon in a future update. Get your headphones ready!

Source: Twitter via Gigaom

Photo by Toshiyuki Imai used under Creative Commons