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For years we’ve been using HDHomeRun TV tuners from SiliconDust on our home theater PCs. Usually we’ve paired those tuners with Windows Media Center, but unfortunately Microsoft’s DVR platform hasn’t been updated in years. It’s left users wondering whether Media Center will even be supported going forward, and if it isn’t, then what should users do? SiliconDust is now working on an option. Today they launched a new campaign on Kickstarter for what they are calling HDHomeRun DVR.

The HDHomeRun DVR solution works a little differently from Windows Media Center. Instead of having one central recording machine, you can mix and match tuners, PCs, and network attached storage (NAS) devices. In fact, an always-on PC isn’t required at all. The HDHomeRun DVR software will run directly on Western Digital MyCloud and QNAP  NAS devices. If you already have a home theater PC you could set it up to be your HDHomeRun DVR also. It will support Windows, and Mac OSX. Of course you’ll also need one or more HDHomeRun tuner devices. The HDHomeRun CONNECT, EXTEND, and PRIME devices are all supported. If you’re not familiar with these devices, the CONNECT and EXTEND are over-the-air tuners while the PRIME is a CableCARD tuner.

To watch your live or recorded TV HDHomeRun will have apps for Windows, Mac OSX, and Android to start. If they hit their stretch goals (which weren’t specified) they’ll also have apps for iOS and Kodi. The HDHomeRun DVR should even support copy-protected content, but they also list support for copy-protected content as a risk factor for the campaign.

To get access to HDHomeRun DVR early you’ll need to contribute at least $30 to the Kickstarter campaign. That’s also how much a yearly subscription will cost once it’s made available generally. Higher priced tiers of the campaign could get access to the DVR software as early as August of this year. The plan is to have it generally available by September.

Source: Kickstarter


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