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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 42: The Angry Show

Print Back again folks!  Thanks for joining us on this week of not such good news for Media Center enthusiasts.  But, like any good enthusiasts, we take our lumps and keep moving!

There is some good news this week amid all the turmoil however.  The best (for me) being that it’s now possible to convert non-MCE supported video containers to DVR-MS.  Not only can you flip MKV and AVI formats to something native to Media Center, but the conversions are high quality and the software is free!  Anyone who’s paid for conversion software knows it can be expensive and those days are over when it comes to Media Center.

We also get to the bad news of the week.  Specifically the rumor that Dish Network has put their Media Center tuners “on hold” for the foreseeable future.  That, coupled with the idea that’s floating around that the Zune HD won’t support AC-3 audio (used in ATSC recordings) is really a one, two punch to Microsoft supporters.

Show Notes:

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