Home: On #092 – System Recovery, with Doug Krug

Aug 31, 2017 by

It's been a long time since we've covered the news, and the DMZ's newest contributor, Doug Krug, helps us wade through some of the news we missed. Will.i.am breathes new life into Wink; Ring, Schlage, and Sylvania bring new products to market; and Thington is, sadly, no more. Plus: Doug has some good advice on how you should prepare for the inevitable hub failure and recovery process.

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Home: On #085 – Hey Dingus, with James Montemagno

Mar 6, 2017 by

DMZ alum and listener favorite James Montemagno joins Richard to talk about today's digital home assistants and, in particular, his own experience with Google Home. This highly technical guy’s first dive into smarthome tech is a telling tale about the current state of this market.

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Windows Update Breaking PlayReady DRM

Dec 10, 2014 by

A recent Windows Update appears to be breaking the PlayReady DRM used by Media Center.

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Microsoft Expands its TV and Media Strategy

Aug 16, 2014 by

With a new TV tuner, media playback app, and live TV streaming to mobile devices, Microsoft is making another major push to winning the battle for your living room.

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Microsoft, INSTEON Collaborate on Home Control

May 21, 2014 by

INSTEON and Microsoft have established a strategic relationship that brings INSTEON software to Windows devices and INSTEON products to Microsoft stores. The big question, of course, is where will this lead? We've been waiting for Microsoft to make a move in the smarthome space. Could this be it?

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Entertainment 2.0 #269 : The Media Center Scare

Mar 20, 2014 by

Richard is back with Josh just as the Windows Media Center community begins to panic. Microsoft is eyeing an acquisition while renegotiating a different partnership, and more updates are coming for the Xbox One.

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Entertainment 2.0 #263 : Fundamental Psychological Problems

Feb 6, 2014 by

This week Josh and Richard discuss some noteworthy Windows Phone apps and deals, the forthcoming update to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One, and Microsoft's final decision on a CEO.

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Entertainment 2.0 #262 : Reddited

Jan 30, 2014 by

Discussion around a potential new Media Center plugin kicks off the show, while there's also help for Xbox One video playback, Beats on Windows Phone, and more speculation around Xbox One headsets and an update to Windows 8.1.

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Keeping Windows Media Center Alive Without Microsoft

Jan 16, 2014 by

Microsoft may have all but given up on Windows Media Center, but this community hasn't! Mark Terborg offers his opinions on how the community can keep this beloved product alive.

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AMD @ CES 2014

Jan 13, 2014 by

Wearable tech and 4K televisions were big areas of focus at CES this year. How these tiny computers and big screens will be used has PC component manufacturers bringing their offerings into our lives at a scale few would have anticipated three years ago. AMD had a notable presence, and here are some of the highlights.

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Is Google Preparing a Nexus TV?

Dec 8, 2013 by

Nexus TV is hot in the rumor mill. Will Google spring something on us at CES 2014? With the Nexus brand perhaps picking up where Google TV left off what does the future hold?

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Microsoft Unveils Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and Accessories

Sep 24, 2013 by

Microsoft has announced the follow-up versions of Surface Pro and Surface RT. Read on to find out about the newest features, accessories, and updates from their announcement.

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