My Memories for Windows Media Center Updated

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My Memories for Windows Media Center is a fun little plugin from one of our favorite developers. MJT Software, the developer behind Recorded TV HD, created My Memories as replacement for Windows Media Center’s built-in screen saver. For My Memories to remain installed on any HTPC it would need to be great. After all, the built-in screen saver that was introduced in Windows 7 is frequently regarded as one of the best ways to show off a Media Center install. Fortunately for all of us, My Memories doesn’t disappoint.

My Memories offers a unique, and highly configurable, photo slideshow screen saver for Windows Media Center fans. It displays your photos in interesting layouts, and includes the date on which each photo was taken. There’s a lot to love about My Memories, and for more details you can check out our announcement post from when it was first made available.

While we’ve loved My Memories from it’s initial launch, even great products can be made better. My Memories has seen a significant update that brings along some great new features. For starters, you can now include videos in the screen saver. But what’s the most impressive addition is a feature called Time Machine. You can set it to show you photos and videos from your collection on this date from a number of years ago. We think it’s a brilliant feature that you’re going to love. There are more updates too, so we’ve included the full change log below.

  • Added Time Machine! – Check out photos and videos “from this day in history.” You’ll see photos and videos that you took X number of years ago on the current date by selecting the Time Machine icon in the upper right hand corner. If Time Machine is turned on you will see the icon if there are images and/or videos taken on that day in history.
  • Added Videos! – You must enable in the settings. Due to major stability problems, this will only work on HTPC. The videos will only play when media isn’t currently paused or you would lose what you were watching before the screensaver turned on. There is an option to mute the audio unless the video has focus.
  • Added automatic rotation of images based on EXIF camera metadata.
  • Added “wiggle” when an image or video gains focus so it is easier to see which you have selected. – Will only work on HTPC and Xbox – other extenders do not support animations.
  • Screensaver should not launch when Media Center is not in focus. So if you minimize it to use Hulu Desktop, or some other program, the screensaver should not start.
  • Changed animation when selecting an image so that it will zoom in more so you can see more details of the image.

For more information, and to purchase My Memories for Windows Media Center for only $5, head on over to the My Memories site.

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