Ceton Diagnostic Media Center Plugin Beta Release

Oct 7, 2011 by

Ceton, makers of the fantastic InfiniTV 4 and InfiniTV 4 USB, have released a new Windows Media Center plugin (link changed on 2011-10-24) that allows you to view diagnostic data from their tuners right from within Media Center. If you’ve used an InfiniTV 4 tuner then you already know that you can access a website from your Media Center PC to view the full offering of diagnostic information from the tuner, but if you just want to view the tuner temperature, signal strength, or something else, quickly from your couch, then firing up a web browser on the HTPC isn’t the most convenient solution. We released a plugin earlier this year to show some of this information, but it only offered a limited subset of information, and would only work if your HTPC wasn’t configured to share tuners across the network. Ceton’s new diagnostic plugin provides full details on the tuners, the CableCARD, tuning adapaters, driver and firmware version, and even packs in a few extra tweaks. For example, the plugin can configure your Media Center to wake from sleep two minutes earlier than it normally does for a scheduled recording.

The plugin is currently in beta, and is included with the latest beta driver for the InfiniTV tuners. Download it here.

The plugin is no longer in beta. It is now included with the latest production release of the drivers/software (version 1.5.4304.06-20111017). Download it here.

Source: Ceton


  • http://twitter.com/welchwerks Greg Welch

    Really like this one, also the tuner sharing intatration worked great

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  • Rich DeAugustinis

    Download link no longer works.  Please fix.

  • Anonymous

    The plugin is out of beta now, and is included with the production release of the software. Because of that they don’t have anything in beta currently, so when they redesigned the site they didn’t include the beta page. The links in the post have been updated. Thanks Rich for pointing out the broken link.