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Movie Podcast #61: Everything is better with bacon, baby!


Off the Harry Potter high, James and Michael are back to serious business with some serious movie reviews. We head back to the 80’s with what we might say is our pick of the week with Topher Grace, Anna Faris, and Dan Fogler in Take Me Home Tonight. Then can Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro ignore all limits in Limitless to make a smash hit? Finally we break down a little known movie featuring our other favorite actor Michael C. Hall in Peep World. It came out earlier this year and also features Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman. We aren’t done yet as we have plenty of Comic Con 2011 news and previews, trailer previews, and TV talk with lots of Chef Gordon Ramsay. So sit back and get ready for a brand new The Movie Podcast.

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Awesome Take Me Home Tonight Music Video

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