Movie Podcast #91: An epic and adorable reunion

Apr 23, 2013 by

Alright so back to our normally scheduled show both James and wait a minute that isn’t Michael, it’s friend of the show and original co-creator Adam Thursby! In an epic and yet adorable reunion James and Adam break down this weeks movie, Gangster Squad. Throw in ome big names such as...

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Movie Podcast #90: Less and less terrible

Mar 19, 2013 by

Second week straight in a row both James and Michael are back with a brand new and amazing podcast for your ears! We finally broke down and struggled through The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II. Don’t worry the podcast is actually much more entertaining than it sounds! So get ready for...

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Movie Podcast #89: We’ve missed us too

Mar 12, 2013 by

After 8 months of being gone both James and Michael are back with a brand new and amazing podcast for your ears! We have two huge releases for you guys this week. The #1 movie in America and prequel to the Wizard of Oz… OZ the Great and Powerful. Also we touch up and review the 8 time Oscar...

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The Movie Podcast #83: We’re BACK!!!!!

May 22, 2012 by

That is right people we are back after a near 3+ month hiatus, both James and Michael are back with a brand new podcast. Not only that we have a brand new format and brand new everything! This week we are taking on a smash hit in the theater: The Avengers. Additionally we have a big discussion...

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TMP #74: I Quit this B***h!

Nov 8, 2011 by

That is right people James and Michael are moving on. Don’t be sad because we review a bunch of good movies this week including Captain America: The First Avenger, Crazy Stupid Love, and Cars 2. James also goes to the amazing Cinesuites again and saw The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp! [FYI: James...

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Movie Podcast #67: Lonely James

Sep 6, 2011 by

The Movie Podcast refuses to stop even if people break in and steal all of our recording equipment. If you haven’t heard or seen, last week someone broke into Michael’s house and stole his laptop and other equipment. This has crippled the podcast a bit this week, but do not fear you get to...

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Movie Podcast #64: Pop Filterlicious

Aug 16, 2011 by

We are nonstop this week on The Movie Podcast with plenty of movie reviews to go around. Michael and James have waited months upon months to see the epic quest movie Your Highness which stars a bunch of our favorites including Zooey Deshanel, James Franco, Natalie Portman, and Danny McBride....

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Movie Podcast #63: We go 0 for 3

Aug 9, 2011 by

It has been a while since The Movie Podcast struck out in three movies in a row, however this week it looks as if we went 0 for 3. Perhaps we are wrong you will have to let us know in the comments, but we do have a bit of intense reviews for you. We have a few movies that came out that slipped...

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The Movie Podcast #55: Push the button, DO IT!

Jun 7, 2011 by

Push the button, Do it, come on Do it. The Movie Podcast is back for it’s 55th installment with 4 movies this week to review. I am not sure if you heard me, or read that but 4 movies. I could barely squeeze them into the graphic this week, but rest assured we review them all! We have your...

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The Movie Podcast #53: Jet Setter

May 24, 2011 by

Alright I am not going to lie, it is really late here in Bruges and I really want to go to sleep so let’s keep this short and to the point. This week on The Movie Podcast we are broadcasting from remote exotic locations such as Albany New York….and Bruges Belgium. Alright so not all that...

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The Movie Podcast #51: We’re Back!!!

May 10, 2011 by

I know you are mad that Michael and James were gone for a week, but don’t worry we are back with an absolutely crazy new episode of The Movie Podcast! We somehow manage to throw in over 4 movies, television, video games, and of course fun stuff about our personal lives…including Michaels’...

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The Movie Podcast #48: Harry Podcast

Apr 12, 2011 by

This week on The Movie Podcast Michael announces his undying love for Harry Potter, while James gets down on both knees and asks Tron Legacy to marry him. It is an exciting and enthralling podcast this week including 1 sequel plus 2 movies that are finishing off trilogies. We already heard from...

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