Netflix Error with IE 9 Fix

Mar 10, 2011 by

Many have been noting that after installing Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate that they can no longer watch Netflix Instant Streaming on their Windows 7 PC within Media Center. Not having Netflix on a home theater PC is a major deal-breaker for many people! Fortunately there is a fix. Craig Scholle, who has been on Entertainment 2.0 with me for the past few months found this fix deep within the Microsoft Support Site. The problem is actually related to how Internet Explorer 9 handles JavaScript. The fix requires a change to the registry. What it essentially does is tell Microsoft’s new browser to use the old JavaScript engine when handling request from Media Center. If you’re comfortable poking around in the Windows Registry then the fix isn’t that complicated. If you would prefer you can just use the “Fix it For Me” option.

Source: Microsoft Support Knowledge Base Article 2512239