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Windows on a Saltine Cracker

Windows on a Saltine CrackerThat’s right, according to Microsoft’s closed door pre-keynote meeting, this press release states that Microsoft’s next version of Windows will be able to run on ARM processors and Entire Systems on a chip (SOC).  This opens up a whole new world for devices with Windows on them.  Tablets will only be the beginning, with this new design.  This will lead to “PCs” on boards the size of a cracker capable of doing amazing things while using minimal power.  This platform should find it’s way into next generation cars, appliances and anything else you can think of to finally achieve Bill Gates’ dream of the connected home.

But what does this mean for Media Center users??  Well, the possibility of embedded media center coming built into the television itself, along with very small boxes that rival the apple TV.  Imagine a box about the size of a book of matches, with an SSD and a cable card slot.  Now that would be exciting. Let’s hope this future is closer than it seems……..

Source: Press Release