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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 56 Part 1: The Muppets Have Landed

Ent20logo2 We’re back with another roundtable this week and as most roundtables go, this is a two-parter!  You’ll hear part one this week and we’ll be sending out part two next Thursday.

This week, Josh and I are joined by Phil Lozen from Seen in HD and Richard Green.  We’ve decided to expand the topic for this episode and step into the mire that is streaming, net neutrality, bandwidth throttling and data caps.  It isn’t an easy topic to discuss but we take a shot at it.  Be sure and leave comments and let us know how you feel about how your ISP treats you and if you support caps and neutrality!

You won’t get to hear too much about our main topic this week as we take time to cover the great emails you all sent.  We do our best to answer questions and point people in the right direction, if there is any such thing with Media Center.  You’ll find some links below that some great users sent as well as some of the stuff we cover.

Show Notes:

Click here to download Part 1 of Episode 56!

Keep in mind that Show Analyzer is the best commercial skipping solution for Windows 7 and WTV files.  We thank them for their support of Entertainment 2.0.  The latest version of Show Analyzer is out so be sure to update!


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