Why CableCARD Self-Installs Are a Bad Idea

Aug 11, 2011 by

Disclosure: While Adam Thursby does mention this in this article, we want to make it very clear that he is a cable technician for a national cable company. –Editor As of August 8th, cable TV operators that offer set-top boxes for self-install are required to allow customers to self-install...

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Ceton Lobbies the FCC to Not Abandon CableCARD

Apr 11, 2010 by

We saw back in December that the FCC had basically called CableCARD a failed attempt to bring openness to the cable industry. They didn’t simply leave it at that though. The FCC then asked for ideas from the industry for ways to be improve the locked-down situation that currently plagues the...

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 56 Part 2: Bit Farmin’!

Dec 17, 2009 by

No real notes to speak of this week folks.  For the last week before our Christmas episode you get to hear part 2 of our chat with Phil Lozen and Richard Green.  If you missed part 1 be sure and go here to take a listen first.  It’s well worth it. In fact, I’d have to say that this week...

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 56 Part 1: The Muppets Have Landed

Dec 11, 2009 by

We’re back with another roundtable this week and as most roundtables go, this is a two-parter!  You’ll hear part one this week and we’ll be sending out part two next Thursday. This week, Josh and I are joined by Phil Lozen from Seen in HD and Richard Green.  We’ve decided to expand the...

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