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Lutron Finally Adds Motion Sensor and Extender to Caséta Line

Lutron Finally Adds Motion Sensor and Extender to Caséta Line

Lutron Caśeta is one of our favorite lighting control systems, but range limits and accessory support has been a problem for many consumers. Today at CES, Lutron is announcing two new products to address these concerns.

Caséta Caséta

The new Caséta Repeater is a wireless extender for the Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge. Just plug it in and place it within 60 feet of your Bridge, and the Repeater will extend your Caséta system range by another 60 feet. No Ethernet needed (or offered). This is great for people with large, sprawling homes.

The Caséta Repeater looks unsurprisingly a lot like the Smart Bridge itself. It will cost about $75 and be available in the first quarter.

Who Moved?

Lutron Finally Adds Motion Sensor and Extender to Caséta Line

One big, missing piece in the Caséta world has been any sort of sensor. More adventurous smarthome enthusiasts have learned that you could integrate with SmartThings, IFTTT, HomeKit, Harmony, or other ecosystems to use third-party sensors. But that doesn’t help the average consumer.

This year, Lutron is adding a versatile, battery-powered motion sensor into the mix. (Thank you, Santa.) Perfect for bathrooms, laundry, mud rooms, and more, the Lutron Smart Motion Sensor can control multiple dimmers, lamps, fans, and/or shades. And like Lutron’s Pico remotes, it has a projected ten-year battery life.

The Lutron Smart Motion Sensor will be available later in Q1, and it will retail for about $50.


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