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Razer Turret Hands-on Impressions

Razer Turret Hands-on Impressions

While at CES we got to go hands-on with one of the hottest gaming products announced. We sat down with representatives from Microsoft and Razer to check out the Razer Turret for Xbox One.

We’ve known for months that Microsoft was planning to add mouse and keyboard functionality to the Xbox One. Never before has there been a more concerted effort to bring true mouse and keyboard support to a mainstream gaming console. When they began looking for partners to help them achieve this vision there was no one more obvious than Razer. Razer has been making trusted gaming peripherals for years, and they’ve amassed quite a faithful following.

The new product is called the Razer Turret. For devoted Razer fans you’ll notice that this isn’t a new product name. In 2016 they released a similar device for PC gamers. This version is all new, and it’s clear they went back to the drawing board to flesh out every problem that comes with using a mouse and keyboard on the couch.


The Razer Turret, a heavily weighted mechanical keyboard, that has an integrated mouse tray. That tray slides out from the right of the keyboard. It has magnets in it to keep the mouse from flying off the couch. In the main play area the magnets aren’t very strong. After just a few seconds of using the mouse we didn’t even notice the magnetic force anymore. The far edge of the tray has much stronger magnets. Their purpose is to secure the mouse when it’s not in use. The mouse stays connected if you flip the keyboard upside down. It’s not just a claim from the company either. We tried it for ourselves.

The keyboard uses green mechanical switches for greater accuracy. It also has a wrist rest. That’s a feature we wish we’d see on more gaming keyboards. The mouse also has mechanical switches and its sensor has a resolution of 16,000 dpi. There are two buttons below the scroll wheel for adjusting mouse sensitivity.

One of Razer’s most well known features is their Chroma RGB lighting. The Turret mouse and keyboard include the lighting system. Developers have the ability to cause the lights in the keyboard to change based on in-game events. We played a game where the lights under the first four function keys acted as a health bar. They started bright green, and as health was depleted the lights slowly faded from right to left. They would also flash red when a part of our base was being attacked. You can completely customize the lighting by using Razer’s app on a PC. They also plan to have an Xbox app by the time the product launches.

The Razer Turret also works with computers. It conveniently uses one USB dongle for both the keyboard and mouse.

Pros and Cons

Perhaps the most important feature of the keyboard is that it has a dedicated Xbox button. It acts the same as the Xbox button in a standard controller. It’s the way to access the guide, quickly take screenshots, and enable streaming on Mixer. It’s something that as an Xbox gamer you use all the time. You probably use it far more frequently than you think. The Razer Turret is the only keyboard launching this year with an Xbox button due to a frustrating exlusivity deal. Without the button you would almost definitely need to keep a game controller next to you on the couch.

There is one other reason you might need to keep a game controller close by. Like many peripherals, the Razer Turret doesn’t have an audio jack. Wired headsets must still connect to a controller. When asked about this, Razer pointed out that they offer a wireless Xbox headset called the Thresher Ultimate.

Currently the Xbox dashboard, and even apps that you would expect to work, don’t support mouse input. We asked specifically about Microsoft Edge (the web browser on the console) and the Microsoft representative told us that currently Edge doesn’t support mouse control. He anticipated that mouse functionality will come soon though.

To charge the Razer Turret simply plug in the included USB-C cable. The mouse connects to they keyboard with a micro-USB cable. The keyboard gets 11 hours of battery life with all the Chroma lighting functionality enabled. You can enjoy a marathon 40-hour session without charging if you disable the lights.


The biggest concerns with a mouse and keyboard in the living room are comfort and usability. The Razer Turret immediately alleviated all our concerns. The weight of the keyboard keeps it from sliding around your lap. The wrist rest keeps your arms comfortable while using the keys. The retractable mouse mat is sturdy and reasonably sized, and the magnets secure the mouse without being intrusive to gaming. We could easily see ourselves using it for hours. There are over 20 games that either already support mouse and keyboard or will soon. Yes, Fortnite is a supported title. In fact, if you use it with Fortnite you’ll only be matched up against other mouse and keyboard players.

Pricing and Availability

You can pre-order the Razer Turret from the Microsoft Store now for $249. It ships in the first quarter of 2019. While it’s definitely a lot to pay for a mouse and keyboard, it offers a premium experience that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else. You won’t need to fuss with a lap desk, and you probably won’t lose the mouse either. It also pulls double duty, so you could easily move it between your PC and Xbox. There also won’t be any other keyboards this year with an Xbox button.

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