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Microsoft “Movies & TV” Syncs With Disney Movies Anywhere


If you’re someone who loves Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars, you’re in luck. Beginning this week, you have the option to connect a Disney Movies Anywhere account to your Microsoft account. What this does is allow you to watch Disney Movies Anywhere content from any device/service that’s connected. Specifically, you’ll be able to watch from your Microsoft devices, even if you purchase Disney films from iTunes or Google Play or in-store.

How does it work exactly? When you purchase a Disney movie that is eligible for this program, that film is added to a Disney account. You can purchase films digitally (via Xbox, Windows, iTunes, Amazon, etc.) or in-store. When you purchase them in-store, you’ll be given a code that you enter, which then unlocks your film for the Disney Movies Anywhere feature. By syncing Disney Movies Anywhere with all of your other accounts (from Xbox/Windows to Google to Amazon to Apple), you’ll have a cloud collection of Disney content that you can use anywhere, anytime. You won’t be locked into one particular ecosystem.

Better yet, if you connect a service to your Disney Movies Anywhere account soon, you’ll get the Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc. for free. One thing you’ll notice is that while Star Wars films are part of this program, Chapter IV: A New Hope isn’t available because 20th Century Fox still owns the rights for that film. The other five in the series will appear in your collection if they’re in your Disney movies library.

When you’re ready to get this ball rolling, visit the Disney Movies Anywhere site and get started.


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