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Groove Music Integrates with iHeartRadio


Today, Microsoft announced that the Groove Music app, in Windows 10, will get a music boost thanks to integration of the iHeartRadio service. Through this new partnership, users who find artists that they’re interested in using the Groove app will be directed to the iHeartRadio app to hear more custom stations.

Specifically, according to a Windows team blog post, here’s what happens:

To enjoy iHeartRadio without a Groove Music Pass*, simply go to the artist’s page that best fits your mood. If there’s an artist-based custom radio station available from iHeartRadio, you will see the option right on the page. Click on it whenever you’re ready to listen – we will even help you install the iHeartRadio app if you don’t currently have it – and then just lean back and enjoy your station.

From the sounds of it, this doesn’t require a Groove Music Pass (much like the integration with OneDrive). This type of integration could be key for Groove Music, to shore up some of the deficiencies of the app. It would lead one to wonder if there’s a social-based music service out there that could integrate with Groove Music, as well. Remember, we’re also seeing this type of integration done on the Movies & TV side, with the recent addition there of Disney Movies Anywhere.

Note that this partnership only affects Groove Music on Windows 10 PCs.

Source: Windows Blog