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Sling TV Rolls Out Update For Xbox One

Many of you know that I’m on a quest for the best cost-effective television and one of the components to that is Sling TV. Since its initial rollout, Sling has been mired in issues, and it has tried to make steady progress towards stability for users. This week, Sling rolled out an update to Xbox One that starts a series of updates to devices that have the Sling TV app. With Xbox One, Sling is introducing a much more streamlined guide experience, as well as stability and bug fixes.

With the guide especially, Sling acknowledges that as they continue to add new channels, the guide could become more cluttered (something I had wondered about early on, when subscribing to the service). They’ve made access to show information and video on-demand easier. Additionally, to keep parity with user expectations across Xbox One, more broadly, they’re making the “Y” button into the search button. It’s similar to how it’s done in the YouTube app, for example.

The blog post about this update goes into a bit more detail about what’s happening. I hope this is the start of a series of updates that will make Sling much more stable, because as a service it has great value.

Source: Sling TV