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Belkin Adds Four New Devices to WeMo


wemo-keychainBelkin, who first launched their WeMo home control products at CES two years ago, is announcing four new devices this year.

While Belkin’s WeMo line has always had a motion sensor, they’re introducing a new Room Motion Sensor this year that is battery powered. We always found it odd that their previous option was built to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The new battery-powered option will be far more versatile.

Another new device is a simple magnetic door or window sensor. It looks like your typical run-of-the-mill door sensor, and it also uses batteries.

A nice new addition to the WeMo product lineup is a keychain sensor that attaches to your keychain. While the utilization of presence sensors can get complicated in homes with more than one person, having them easily attach to key chains and backpacks make a lot of sense.

Perhaps the most unique new device in the Belkin WeMo family is a an alarm sensor. No, not a smoke alarm, an alarm sensor. The idea is that you place it next to your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and it will detect when the siren is blasting. Then using WeMo’s multiple connectivity options it can notify you that a siren has been triggered, even if you’re not home.

All in all, the four new devices are helping to fill out Belkin’s WeMo product lineup. Pricing hasn’t been announced for any of the devices, and we couldn’t get solid quotes on battery life either. We do know that they are targeting the summer for a release period. We’re guessing that really means sometime in the second half of the year.


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