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Alarm.com’s New Smart Thermostat Offers Beauty and Brains

Alarm.com Smart Thermostat and app

Alarm.com, the provider of connected home services that power millions of installed home security, monitoring, and control systems, has announced a new smart thermostat that checks all the right boxes for connected homeowners. The new device, dubbed the Alarm.com Smart Thermostat, combines all of the best features of today’s popular smart thermostats into one beautifully and intelligently designed product.

Alarm.com's New Smart Thermostat Offers Beauty and BrainsWant a smart thermostat that’s simple and easy to use? Check.

Need one that will work on virtually any HVAC system? Check.

Need to adjust the temperature based on a different location than at the thermostat itself? Check.

Looking for something more stylish than a beige plastic box with an LCD screen? Check.

Want it to work with other home control and automation devices? Check

Want an app to control it all? Check.

…but still want to control the temperature from the device itself? Check.

Alarm.com’s new thermostat, with its white, rounded case, reminds us a bit of Tado’s latest generation of devices. It sports a sleek, understated design and simple onboard controls. And while slick to look at and easy to use, it’s also one of the most powerful and versatile smart thermostats out there. The Smart Thermostat’s intelligence is drawn from the network of other Alarm.com sensors and devices in your home that can help it better learn your living habits. Temperature sensors can be used to create virtual zones by optimizing temperatures for specific rooms at certain times of the day. You can also normalize the temperature across a group of rooms or define a min or max temperature limit and the system will adjust to ensure that’s not breached.

The thermostat can be powered by either a common wire or AA batteries, and it communicates through Z-wave with all Alarm.com supported security panels.

Alarm.com works with a vast network of U.S. service providers and smart home installers. If your service provider’s solution is powered by Alarm.com, you should be able to get the new Smart Thermostat by this summer at a suggested retail price of about $150. And if not…well, you’re likely to be waiting for a very long time. While the Smart Thermostat is Z-Wave based, it’s currently exclusive to Alarm.com providers, and they’re not talking about any direct-to-consumer plans.

We talk with Alarm.com’s Vice President of Marketing, Jay Kenny, at CES Unveiled in episode 40 of Home: On.


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