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DMZ Radio Week #1

dmzradio250Time for a new podcast here at The DMZ.  Bringing together a love of music along with digital media news, DMZ Radio, hosted by Adam Thursby is a weekly look at the digital headlines mixed with the music that makes up the soundtrack of our lives.

Each week, Adam will be covering the headlines from here at The DMZ as well as others covering cable and satellite news, HTPCs, Blu-ray releases, theatrical releases, season and show premieres, and more.  All of this is put together with music that spans several decades.  There are no genres here.  Only good music to drive to work with each week!

You’ll also find links to the week’s stories and music with each post.  If you enjoy the show, we encourage you to think about picking up the tracks to have on hand all the time.

Click here to download the first episode of DMZ Radio!

This week’s stories:

This week’s music:

Like other shows here on The DMZ, Radio will continue to evolve.  Music will change as will the length of a show.  If you don’t like the current song, stick around a few minutes, it’s sure to change.  If there’s something specific you’d like to hear, email away.  Always up for listener choice and dedications.  This is the future of radio after all!

A few disclaimers.  First, music will not be edited.  Explicit lyrics are possible and the show will be listed explicit in iTunes.  Be forewarned.  Also, all music heard on this show has been legally purchased.  If any artist wishes to have their music removed, please contact the producer of the show.

Also, you’ll notice that the file runs a bit larger than your regular podcast.  Sorry to those of you using mobile connections but in order to provide the best listening experience possible, a higher bitrate has to be maintained.