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Ceton Releases Network Tuner Software

buy_cardIt’s been well known for some time now that people using a Ceton InfiniTV4 had the ability to network their tuners allowing each of the four included to be used on other PCs around the house.  This was sometimes a difficult and tedious process however and many people avoided it due to issues that could arise if done improperly.

That should not longer be an issue as Ceton has just released an application and setup guide that will handle all of the necessary settings to get you sharing tuners quickly and easily.  Setup involves running the application on the HTPC where your tuner is installed first.  From there you can use it on the other PCs in your home where you want to provide a live TV signal.

Once set, each tuner will be assigned and usable only by that PC.  This can be a great solution for getting TV to other places in your home without investing in more hardware, especially if you don’t feel you need four tuners on your main HTPC.

You can visit Ceton’s support site for the install package as well as the full setup guide.


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