Media Center Quick Tip – Remote Shortcuts

Media Center Quick Tip - Remote Shortcuts

The Windows Experts Community wikis are loaded with tons of great information! While browsing through them I found this great article about Remote Control Button Shortcuts. The ones that pertain to fast-forward and skip I already knew about, but I didn’t know about the “previous channel” trick!

From the wiki:

  1. Did you know there IS a “last channel” button on the remote? Just press ‘OK’ and media center will switch back to the last channel you were watching.
  2. Arrow up during a show displays the mini-guide. Very useful for watching the current show, while browsing the guide.
  3. Skip forward, held down, gives you preview skip forward while watching a show.
  4. Typing a number, while watching a show, then pressing fast forward will skip you ahead in that show by the number of minutes & seconds you typed. For example, 1125 will skip you ahead 11 minutes and 25 seconds.
  5. Typing a number, while watching a show, then pressing skip forward (typically 30 seconds), will skip you forward a multiple of 30 seconds. For example, pressing 6 then skip forward will skip you ahead 3 minutes.
  6. Entering a number, then pressing play, will skip you to exactly that time spot in the show.


Source: Windows Experts Community Wiki – Posted by flamingwoodchuck


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