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Recorded TV HD Giveaway! Updated

Recorded TV HD Giveaway! UpdatedJust a few weeks ago we introduced to a fantastic new Windows Media Center plugin called Recorded TV HD. It promises to get your wild collection of recorded television shows under control by providing new ways of organizing it all. It works by allowing you to split the various series up into separate collections, so that for example, you could put all of your favorite shows into one collection, your significant other’s shows into another collection, and all of your kid’s shows into yet another collection. There would be no more need to scroll past all of the shows you don’t care about as you could navigate straight to your favorites. It also displays beautiful, full-screen, back-drops of the shows, and it provides increased metadata over what the built-in recorded TV library offers.

Currently Recorded TV HD will set you back $9.99 to run it one PC and any Media Center Extender attached to that PC, or you can purchase a whole home license for only $19.99. While the low price is great, wouldn’t it be even nicer to win a copy for free? That’s just what we’re doing as the producer of the fine plugin has given us three copies to give away!


Grand Prize: One Whole Household License valued at $19.99
First Prize: One Single PC License valued at $9.99
Second Prize: One Single PC License valued at $9.99

How to Enter

To win this great software you’re going to have to prove to us that you really need it! We want to see how crazy your Recorded TV library within Windows Media Center is! So to enter, take a picture, or multiple pictures if you have to, or even a video, showing us why you need Recorded TV HD. Post the photo(s)/video on the internet somewhere, and then give us a link to it in the comments on this post.


On second thought, we’ve changed our mind. We realize the prize wouldn’t cost you very much to just go and buy, so we’ve decided to make it easier to enter. Now, simply tweet the following to enter the contest. You also get a second entry for leaving a comment on this post. All contest entries are due by 6:00 PM ET Tuesday, May 24th.

For an additional entry you can tweet the following after posting your picture(s)/video

My TV Library is a mess! #theDMZ RecordedTVHD Giveaway is my only hope!

The winners will be announced live on Entertainment 2.0 episode 129 on Tuesday May 24th at 8pm ET.

Thank you to MJT Software & Services Inc for creating and supplying  Recorded TV  HD!


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