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The Movie Podcast: Aug. 23rd 2010

SurvivalOfTheDead-poster_002It seems that we have another week of mediocrity on our hands.  None of the movies we review this week are bad, but none are one of the better films in their respective genres either.  The good part is that if you’re an action nut, you’re kinda covered.  If you have date night coming up?  You’ll get by with new material.  Just know that James and I are LONGING for the summer blockbusters to start showing up on disk.

Don’t forget, we’ve got our contest going!  Just send in your pick for worst movie of all time and you’re entered.  You’ve got two weeks to get your entries in and this time you’ll pick up a Blu-ray pack of some good movies.  (No, we’re not so mean as to send you your pick for the worst.)

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