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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 60: Revenge of the Skype

Ent20logo2 As the title would suggest, this isn’t our best week audio quality-wise.  It seems that Skype simply didn’t want to work with us and as such, we’re having to provide a lower quality show to our listeners this week.  Never fear however.  We’ll hopefully return next week sounding much better.  Well, as good as we can sound without changing hosts.

That said, we spend this week reviewing CES news and talking the finer points of Ceton vs SiliconDust.  As well, we discuss MediaRoom integration into Media Center and the Xbox 360.  I hope this is something that can happen for a lot of Media Center users though it will all depend on service providers.

Thanks again to those who joined us live this week.  They provided some great discussion in the chat room!  We hope more of our listeners can join the live show every week on Wednesdays at 8pm EST.


Show notes:


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