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Coming Soon: Songler. Looks to rock your HTPC

songler2 Getting as much content as possible into our HTPCs is important.  It provides choice and choice is what everyone wants.  To be able to watch anything at anytime.  With a lot of the focus on video content, we sometimes forget that Media Center has a great music library.  Unfortunately, while Microsoft has added Internet TV and Netflix to the mix, they’ve only concerned themselves with local audio playback up to this point.

In steps Songler.  Originally titled SpotifyMCE, the app would pull in your Spotify account and allow you to stream music through Media Center.  The developer, Milliesoft, has received enough requests and is currently adding support.  This means that whether you’re a standard or premium user you’ll soon be able to pull that content right into Media Center.  Oh, and it’s going to work on extenders!  That’s probably the best news for most users.  (To Milliesoft:  Count this as my request for Pandora as well.  🙂  )

Keep your eye on the Milliesoft website for the latest updates and to download the app once it’s available.

via TDL